Rediscovering a Lost Art

One of the coolest aspects of craft beer and the craft beer movement is the opportunity to rediscover “lost” techniques or ingredients.  Following the invention of refrigeration and the development of lagering, the popularity of pale, crisp, refreshing lager beers soared.  Certain legal restrictions have also occurred over the years (Prohibition in America, the German […]

Time of the Season (For Beer)

In a recent article I wrote on beer and food pairings, I commented that beer was a better pair for food than wine because beer was a traditional farmhouse beverage.  What I didn’t go in to at the time was—like all traditional farmhouse products—beer was therefore historically very closely and cyclically linked to the seasons.  […]

The Perfect Pair

The union of the Venn Diagram of “foodies” and “craft beer drinkers” is a fairly substantial one.  There is much that unites these two communities, from a passion for creation founded upon both science and art to an interest in fresh, high quality, locally sourced ingredients. For many, the idea of “pairing” food with drink […]

Glassware: Does it Really Matter?

Glassware is not the most exciting part of the beer consumption experience, for most people ranking somewhere right below the importance of checking the “Best By” date on your bottles.  And for many beer drinkers—including myself on many occasions in the past, and all occasions before I “got in to” craft beer—the “appropriate glass” is […]