… Something Borrowed, Something Brewed

You only get married once, so why not have a special beer that will only be brewed once to commemorate the occasion?  Here at The Cebruery, we want to help you make your wedding festivities as special as possible, and nothing says special like your own unique craft beer.  We’ll work with you through every step of the process, from crafting a delicious recipe based around your particular tastes (and the tastes of your guests at your big ceremony!) to delivering the final product in kegs or bottles to the ceremony’s location.  We’ll even put some in a few bigger bottles with your custom designed label so that you can lay them down in your cellar and age them for those important anniversaries – heck, you can even come by and help with the brewday if you feel so inclined!  E-mail beeroness@thecebruery.com for more information about this premium service and give us the opportunity to help put the finishing touch on your special day.

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