Humulus Lapu-Lapulus IPA Series

Among the first brewers known to export beer from Britain to India was George Hodgson of the Bow Brewery in Middlesex. The brewery became popular among East India Company traders in the late 18th century because of Hodgson’s liberal credit line of 18 months. The beer that Bow brewed was higher in alcohol and more strongly hopped than many other commercial examples at the time, enabling it to survive the long voyage from England to India (due to the antibacterial properties of both alcohol and hops). The style has since grown in to the most commonly brewed style in the world, proving an excellent showcase for regional ingredients and brewer ingenuity and imagination.

One of our favorite styles here at The Cebruery, we are committed to bringing you new experimental batches of IPAs on a rotating basis. This is a style (or really, a family of styles) that relies almost entirely on hops – those glorious little flavorful flowering cones that give beer its slightly bitter, slightly fruity, slightly herbal quality – and the volatile oils in those hops fade FAST, so it’s important to drink your Humulus Lapu-Lapulus IPA as fresh as possible. This beer is NOT meant to be aged – it’s meant to be enjoyed, pronto!

But our favorite thing about IPAs – and indeed, our favorite thing about beer, really – is the experimental nature of IPAs. Not just methods of adding them to beer – mash hops, first wort hops, bittering hops late hops, hop backing, whirlpool hopping, dry hopping, double dry hopping, wet hopping, randallized hops, torpedoed hops, hop blasting, keg hopping – but also the sub-styles that result from this experimentation – American IPAs, British IPAs, Double IPAs, Imperial IPAs, Extra Pale Ales, Cascadian Black IPAs, White IPAs, Belgian IPAs, Red IPAs, Wild IPAs.

Here at the Cebruery, you name it, we’re doing it, and bringing you the gloriously fruity, grassy, herbal, and spicy aromas of hops from America, England, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and even our own backyard here in Cebu.  And speaking of our collective backyard here in Cebu, 10% of all proceeds from sales of Humulus Lapu-Lapulus beers will be donated to a conservation program of the Philippines World Wildlife Fund to help protect our rare and unique threatened natural treasures. Keep your eyes open for these limited availability offerings!

FG: 1.010 – 1.020 (varies)
ABV: 5.0 – 12.0% (varies)
IBU: 40.0 – 120.0 (varies)
SRM: 5.5 – 16.0 (varies)

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