Experimental Series

When you love craft beer, you experiment. Here at The Cebruery, we respect tradition … including the craft beer tradition of breaking boundaries and pushing the limits of stylistic definitions past their breaking points. What happens when you do an open air sour mash in Cebu and age the results on mangosteen puree for three months? What about when you add cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, and freshly mashed spicy sili chili peppers to your Imperial Stout that you’ve been aging for half a year in a charred Hungarian oak barrel that until recently had been used to age dark rum? Or when you freeze distill your malty, bready, fruity Belgian beer to make a more concentrated, maltier, breadier, fruitier counterpart?

We’re not always sure. But we intend to find out. And when it’s delicious – which it so often is – we intend to share it with you. Sometimes these rare once-off brews will be bottled, sometimes kegged, sometimes only available on premises at our brewery. But they’ll always be unique, they’ll always be memorable, and if we’ve done our job, they’ll always redefine for you, the craft beer enthusiast, what artisanal beer can and should be. Prost!

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