Taste the craft revolution. Bringing you artisanal, uncompromising, and innovative products-- just the way beer should be.

The ability to create limitless varieties from a simple combination of common and non-traditional ingredients is an amazing opportunity to experiment, craft unique tasting experiences, and to push boundaries within an industry that is thousands of years old.

We give your tastebuds a new kind of experience that only craft beer can offer. Sharing our love of small batch, handcrafted, innovative craft beer with the Philippines.

Our Core Beers

These are our four core beers, the flagship ales of our brewery. There’s something here for everyone.


What's happening at The Cebruery and learn more about the craft behind craft beer.

Dugong Dry-Hopped Red IPA Launch

The Cebruery & Large Marine Vertebrate Project, Philippines are happy to announce the release of the Dugong Dry-Hopped Red IPA. The official launch was held on May 8, 2015 at The Monastery. This partnership aims to support LAMAVE’s efforts to protect marine wildlife and their habitats in the Philippines. A percentage of the sales of the […]

Full Bodied, Fat Bottomed, and Oh So Heavy

We’ve made it no secret we love history here at The Cebruery. We also love brewing very different styles, and using those styles to display the versatility of craft beer. Want something light? There’s a beer for that. Want something dark? There’s a beer for that. Love hops? There’s a beer for that. Prefer something […]

Purity, Pride, and the history of the Pilsner

We’re big fans of history here at The Cebruery, and we love how different styles of and traditions pertaining to beer can tell us about an area or a people.  Viewing a region’s culture and values through the prism of beer is not only instructive from a retrospective point of view–learning about the past, academically–but […]

B-minus… The beer countdown!

We’ve ben busy brewing something up for you guys! Yes, you read that right, we’ve been busy brewing the our new commercial equipment and we’ll have beer for you soon… for the meantime, head over to our Facebook page as we try and tease you with picture countdown. As I write this short, but sweet […]


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