Chocolate Hills Porter

Porter is said to have been popular with transportation workers in Central London in the 1700s – hence the name.  Originally a blend of three different styles—an old (often soured) ale, a new brown ale, and a weaker mild ale—the end result was commonly known as the “Entire Butt,” and can in many ways be considered the first truly engineered beer, catering to the public’s taste and playing a critical role in quenching the thrust of the United Kingdom’s industrial revolution.

Our take on this classic style uses significant amounts of dark caramel, chocolate, and black patent malt for a rounded, full malt character, and is balanced with a pungent but restrained combination of Australian, American, and British hops.  Pairs well with barbecue and other smoked and grilled meats, buttery cheeses, and chocolates and other desserts.  And, yeah, the color is dark, but this isn’t your traditional “dark beer” – our Filipino house yeast and finely tuned local well water result in a crisp, well-attenuated fermentation profile that’s going to make it hard not to order a second.  Go ahead – we won’t judge!

FG: 1.014
ABV: 6.1%
IBU: 34
SRM: 34


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